• Mortgage Mutilator
      May 24

      No problems Hayden, let me know if there’s any specific area you’re having trouble with or would like to know more about :-)

  1. PeteyP
    January 28

    Very enjoyable post! Heard about it through Renewable Wealth, and I’m glad I did. Great to see something simple, practical and Australia-focussed. Look forward to working my way through the archives now…

  2. Jan
    October 1

    Hi there,

    I’ve just put all my details into the helpful spreadsheet but the fortnightly recommended payments at step 6 are higher than the last figure (that is 70% of my income).. Is this a glitch?

    I’m currently paying 70% of my fortnightly pay, but the figure at step 6 is just too high for me to sustain!

    Anyway help as to where the error might be would be appreciated

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