1. demon
    January 17

    Thanks. This is a great reference to have. We’re just about to embark on our first mortgage and I’ve been crunching numbers to make sure it’s doable when we have kids. My numbers need some finetuning, but so far it’s very clear that we can have one child and still be paying more than 1.5times minimum repayment on our slightly less than average wage. And if need be, we should still be able to survive (just barely) on one fulltime wage.

    Keep posting, I love your site. Cheers

  2. jaybee
    January 20

    thanks, it’s great to see a website with information that is more applicable to New Zealand as well as Australia. Came here from MMM site, some of those US housing costs are truly unimaginably low!!!
    thanks for the info, I’m going to go back and revisit our finances again, should have figured it out before we had kids, but better late than never – right??

    • Yeah it’s never too late to have a look at your finances and get everything in order. If only we all had house prices like the US does now though…

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