Guest Posting

Challenge Accepted

Thank you for your interest! Guest bloggers are always welcome to show off here at Mutilate The Mortgage. I’m more than happy to share insightful, practical and useful stories or advice on here, so as long as you can match up your post to these requirements below go nuts and send us your best idea or two!

  1. Your post should be original and not posted anywhere else, even on your own blog (you’re welcome to post a link on your blog to the guest post though).
  2. Include a little bit about yourself so our readers know who you are.
  3. Please do a thorough check for spelling/grammar before you send… I AM a Grammar Nazi.
  4. Be willing to respond to any comments your piece receives.

I’d also recommend sending an initial email first with your idea so that if it’s not something I think readers will be interested in, you haven’t wasted your time writing the whole post out. So send me an email to the below email address. Yes it’s a picture and I know it’s a PITA that you can’t copy/paste it, blame the spammers.

Product Reviews

I’m also more than happy to engage with any companies that would like their products thoroughly tested and reviewed. Being an Engineer and Scientist you can expect a fair and very detailed analysis of your product. Any product that’s related to mortgages, housing, electricity, tech, solar, battery etc is welcome so get in touch with me today and I’ll see what I can do!