It’s Christmas — Will You Do Me A Favour?

Christmas Party Food

Amazing Christmas Party Food

Hey, Mortgage Mutilator here,

It’s Christmas. Woo!!

2012 went by pretty fast huh?

Shrimps are being thrown on the BBQ… family parties are being had… presents are being torn to sunders by excited children and everyone’s having a fantastic time, including me :-)

It’s definitely one of my favourite times of the year (my Birthday week is the best though) and I’ve got some awesome new content planned in the next year for you all. I hardly ever ask you for anything, but today I want to ask for a favour.

Will you share an article with one other person? Just one.

You can hit the big Google+ Share button in the top right. You can post it on your Facebook wall. You can even tell someone about it during one of those fantastic parties we’re all about to have (God forbid we do anything in real life now!). It’ll only take a few seconds, just pick your favourite one and share :-)

Teaching people that they can shorten their massively painful 30 year mortgage simply by understanding a few key points is what makes Mutilate The Mortgage worth it.

Thanks in advance — and have a fantastic new year too.

Thanks again!

Mortgage Mutilator



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