Our New Shetland Sheepdog

Hot damn it’s been busy lately!

Between selling the second car, refinancing the mortgage and re-arranging all our bank accounts (there’ll be an upcoming review post on this later), some unfortunate family news, the current overseas travelling of DW and some other exciting news that means I have to organise a two week USA trip in under two months… it’s all been rather crazy around here! Oh and of course there’s always that pesky daily work / life thing you have to deal with too not to mention we welcomed the newest member to the family, the Sheltie up above .

As such I have been a little slack on my weekly posts so I thought it best to put at least a little something out today. I’m often working on multiple posts at a time so I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek into a few of the planned upcoming articles.

What’s Critical And What’s Worthless. A critical list that analyses multiple “How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster” sources across the Internet and digs into the details of what works, what’s worthless and how to tackle your mortgage depending on what care factor you have regarding it.

NAB Choice Package Review. We recently signed up to the NAB Choice Package plan, this post will detail the entire experience from start to finish to hopefully give everyone some tips, pointers and an insider’s look at what NAB are really like to go with.

Normal Accident Theory. A bit more of a technical sided post this one introduces a new way to look at both your mortgage and your entire life. Explaining what Normal Accident Theory is and then applying examples to everyday life to show you how to hopefully avoid some of the more common “accidents” in life.

So stay tuned folks, life may be busy but more great content is coming!

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How To Pay Off A Mortgage Early - What if you could be mortgage free in under 10 years, automatically and without cutting back on the things you love?
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