Fibre Optic Cable being installed

Fibre Optic Cable being installed. Source:

So I’m not normally a “politics” kind of guy but the NBN is quite an important thing to everyone in Australia.

Regardless of who you voted for last Saturday, the NBN is still getting rolled out, however the Liberals wish to greatly undermine how it gets rolls out.

Liberals want Fibre to go to nodes in the street and from there it will go to each house via the 50+ year old, decaying copper cabling we all know and hate.

Labor (and the Greens) on the other hand wants fibre to go all the way to every home. Fibre optic cable that will last another 50 years and can be upgraded to go over 1,000 Gbps. You read that right.

Now I have the expertise to fully explain why the Labor option is superior not just in speed but on many, many other levels (including costs) but someone has already done that very well. If you want to have a full, serious and very in depth explanation on why this is, please read this article here:

The Vast Differences Between The NBN And The Coalition’s Alternative

The Liberals claim that they’ll build it “faster and cheaper” is just rubbish and that article lays out the true facts piece by piece in an easy to understand format.

The NBN is very important to every person and company that uses the Internet (ie. EVERY person and EVERY company), please join the hundreds of thousands of other Australians out there and sign this petition:


The Liberal Party Of Australia, Reconsider Your Plan For FTTN NBN



ps. What does this have to do with Mutilating The Mortgage? Not too much, but I just hate, like most people, seeing my tax money go to waste and make no mistake, the current plan the Liberal’s have for the NBN will cost Australians BILLIONS more. There’s upfront costs due to contract renegotiations and time blow outs, maintenance costs due to the installation of the DSLAM nodes which use power and the constant fixing of the already dying copper network and finally in replacement costs when (in 5 or so years) everyone realises that copper can’t handle the increase in Internet traffic and so we need to install fibre.

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