How do you store your stuff?

Like this?

Super Clean? (Image from

Super clean with virtually nothing around? (Image from



Like this? All nice and neatly packed up and away? (Image from



Or like this… wayyy too much crap just flooded everywhere all the time? (Image from

Given the amount of garages I’ve seen in my time I’m betting there’s about a 75% chance or more your garage (or other storage room) looks like the last image. Too much useless junk, nowhere to put it all, just everything plopped on top of things. Heck, whilst we don’t own a garage (we have a car port) we do still fall slightly victim to this problem. Where should it all go?

Well for a long time I’ve never really been that into “stuff accumulation” so thankfully I don’t have draws and draws of crapola. But today I’d like to introduce you all to a NEW, never before advertised form of storage that I think most people will love. It works like this:

Say you have a bicycle. You rarely ride said bicycle and it sits in the garage all day and all night. Sure, you will TOTALLY get around to riding it one day so of course, in the garage it remains. What to do?

Sell it.

Yup, take a few pics, post it up on eBay or Gumtree or ask a few friends around and sell it off. Let’s say you get $100 for it.

You now have $100 (that you can conveniently put towards your mortgage) and a lot more room in your garage. But what about when you need to ride that bike again you might ask? Well that’s easy too… take out $100 and go buy another second hand bicycle! You have just “stored” your bike for free plus you’ve no doubt saved yourself some interest on your home loan in the process.

Now obviously it’s not storage in the technical definition as that old bicycle is now gone. But for a lot of items that we keep in storage it often doesn’t really matter. You might at first bulk at this idea but stop and think, if that stuff that’s being stored is SO precious to you that you couldn’t sell it and then buy another second hand item that does the same thing (or is the same thing) at a similar price… why isn’t it inside and being used regularly?

Also, whilst most people will look at the fact that you “loose” the original item and instead get back a different one as a disadvantage it can often be an advantage. Imagine that “item” you want to store is a laptop or anything else technology related. If you sell it for $300 now and don’t come back and buy another laptop to replace it for 3 years that same $300 will get you a MUCH better laptop than the one you originally had.

Another fantastic benefit from this is it allows others to use your goods when you’re not using them. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that having 23 million people in Australia ALL with their very own individual bicycle or snow board or whatever is just silly. There’s no way everyone can use them ALL at the same time so why not save resources and share things around? Further more when you store items like this there’s a good chance you’ll find that you know what? You never really needed it at all! In which case that money you just made goes straight back to you instead of the item clogging up the garage.

One final positive thing is that as you “store” more and more of your things away you’ll start to realise that hey… we’ve got heaps of spare room around this house! You’ll be more relaxed as there won’t be so much clutter in the way. You’ll spend less time cleaning everything and sorting through piles of junk. You’ll have room to have a tenant in your home to bring in some extra money. OR you might just sit there and come to the conclusion that hey… two people don’t actually need 3 bedrooms. They need 2. Or maybe even 1. So the next time you move costs get even cheaper.

It does take a bit of work to sell off the items (and sometimes to buy similar ones back later on) but I’ve found you just have to get a process going.

  1. Take some decent pictures of the item with your phone
  2. Upload them to PhotoBucket (or similar hosting site)
  3. Tap out a quick description of it, link to the photos and advertise it for free on one of the many sites
  4. Rinse and repeat.

You can even post items directly from your phone now I believe through things like the eBay app.

So start thinking a bit outside the box and realise that with todays super advanced finance and online tools you can store your things in a MUCH better place than your garage or home. Your home is for living in. The Internet is when your junk should go

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