This weeks post is dedicated to a guest post I’ve done over on the very informative Wealthy Winters website. Focussing on making personal finance interesting and easy for anyone who wants to be financially independent and retire earlier than 50 there are some great articles.

Head over there now and you can read my post as well as all the others!

Guest Post: 1 Way To Mutilate That Mortgage


Got a mortgage? Learn how to kick it's ass fast!
You can pay off your mortgage early. So early that you can be mortgage free before you even have kids, before you hit 30 and you can do it without cutting back on the things you love too.

Alex Shoolman

How To Pay Off A Mortgage Early - What if you could be mortgage free in under 10 years, automatically and without cutting back on the things you love?
Editor in Chief at Alex Shoolman - Learn how to improve your life with technology, see where it's going in the future and how you can take advantage of it.
Editor in Chief at Mutilate The Mortgage - We help people go from "no idea" to mortgage free in under 10 years.

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