Listen To MTM On The Radio!


That’s right! This Saturday the 23rd of April (tomorrow!) you can tune in and listen to the sweet, soothing voice of me ranting on and on about how to Mutilate That Mortgage of yours! I’ll be covering the general basics of what you normally read on here as well as some other general questions that people might have.

The radio station is called 3WBC (94.1FM) and you can easily tune in from anywhere (on your mobile, tablet or PC) and listen for free just by going to their website here ( and clicking the play button on the black strip about half way down the page.

The segment is called “Finance With A Little Music” and is presented by James Stephens who is a certified Financial Planner and uses the segment to offer generalised financial advice for “Mum and Dad’s” who want to improve their finances. The segment starts at 10am but I’ve been informed our interview should be around the 10:15am mark. So tune in and enjoy!

This Saturday at 10:15am!


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