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Very often when we read about financial advice it’s coming from “experts” who have the shinny degrees… and yet aren’t actually rich. They’re working white collar jobs and are in debt up to their eye balls. Derek over at Life And My Finances is not one of those people. He does have the shinny degree, but is also completely debt free (including not having a mortgage) and is already well on the way to financial independence. Feel free to go have a browse over at his whole site or just read my guest post:

Guest Post: Simplifying Your Mortgage to Free Yourself in 7 Years


For the newer readers... if you’re interested in learning more about being mortgage free in under 10 years, automatically and without cutting back on the things you love... You’ll probably like How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Early, Go From No Idea To Mortgage Free In Under 10 Years.

The benefits include: 1) How to pay off your mortgage faster than 99% of people with one hour a month of work 2) How to get rid of your debt and have the freedom to spend money on the things you love, guilt free 3) Clear outline of how to setup your expenses, mortgage and general finance 4) How offset accounts work and how to get the same result without being gouged by the big banks 5) How to cut through the crap and focus on the things that truly matter when taking down a mortgage 6) How to adjust the strategy so it works for you, even if you have kids, even if you only have one income 7) How to do all of these things and maintain a normal social life (and never be cheap).



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