While the Royal Banking Commission rolls on exposing more and more atrocious flaws of banks left and right, I wanted to drop a quite note for those of you interested in Home Battery Storage Systems.

Home battery storage has been a thing for years but with Tesla’s release of the Powerwall and Powerwall 2 (and maybe soon Powerwall 3) there has been an explosion in interest and purchases. This has also led to an explosion in the various solar battery systems you can now buy all over Australia.

Source: reneweconomy.com.au

There’s also been a huge increase in both domestic and non-domestic houses going completely off grid. Whether it be rural people who don’t want to pay for huge costs of building poles and wires, to new urban builds that just never get connected to the grid in the first place the numbers are rising fast.

Furthermore with NSW homes coming off their premium Feed in Tariff rates recently and prices looking better than ever – the battery prices not the grid power prices! – it’s hard to tell which system is the right one.

So if you’re curious about solar home battery systems check out our brand new Home Battery Energy Storage Comparison page. There you’ll find the most popular battery systems all neatly laid out in a table that you can easily process and compare.

There’s also further introductory guides explaining everything you’ll need to know about Home Battery Storage Systems.

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