Other Great Sites

Below is a list of websites that have given me great information and are well worth a read if you have some time. None of them are about how to pay off your mortgage quickly, but many have very solid foundational material that can be applied to any debts as well as the pursuit of saving for financial independence.



Jenman – Promoting ethics & protecting people
An Australian site dedicated to warning property buyers (especially FHB’s) and sellers about the typical real estate industry treatment of both clients and staff. With decades worth of high profile and national experience as an agent Neil Jenman knows all the tricks and gives out plenty of warnings for those that are looking to learn.

Who Crashed The Economy
An Australian based blog detailing the shambles that is the current Australian economy and how, most recently, this has heavily been due to the Australian Housing Bubble.



Early Retirement Extreme
One of the first, modern financial independence blogs, ERE has spawned its own worldwide following and is a shining beacon for sustainability, anti-consumerism and green living. It also promises (and delivers) on the tantalising prospect of becoming retired in 5 years. I cannot recommend it enough.

Mr. Money Mustache | Early Retirement through Badassity
A blog that took over where ERE left off, MMM details a slightly less extreme approach to retiring early. MMM is a swear typing punch-in-the-face pulling family man that is one part engineer, one part carpenter and (obviously) one part badass.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Originally focussing on budgeting and money handling skills, IWTYTBR now has many ongoing courses and loads of fantastic material on how to be more productive, live a better life, get the things you want done, finding your dream job and how psychology effects every part of your life. His material is rigorously tested with thousands of people and is very insightful.

Renewable Wealth | Financial Independence and Sustainable Living
A high profile, six figure income lawyer that “had it all” eventually realised that he had nothing. Quitting his job overnight, throwing his BlackBerry off the Golden Gate Bridge and turning frugal he’s turned around his life now and writes about what it truly means to live a rich life (as well as how to build your net worth).

JLCOLLINSNH – Business – Life – Money
A properly experienced man uses his vast knowledge and history to help you plan for and do better than most when retiring and investing.

Budgets are $exy. – A personal finance blog that won’t put you to sleep
Budgets are sexy has been featured on many a famous site and definitely has a fantastic upbeat way of writing that won’t put you to sleep. Slowly building up his net worth J is a great source of many other types of free budgets you can easily download and adapt to your own situation.

Retired Before Dad
RBD is a investment and money growing site that has some great resources and pieces on how to do this properly. Being around for quite a while there’s a wealth of information and knowledge available for all the different routes of investment.