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Don’t Let Corona Derail Your Savings Power

You're being forced to stay at home. You're bored and looking for something to do. Everyone seems to be having lots of sales so why not get that widget thing you've wanted for a while now that it's on special? There's lots of good reasons to be tempted to spend your money so today I'd like to interject.

Your Loyalty Is Costing You Thousands Per Year

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. There is no magical way for you to instantly Mutilate your Mortgage and have it disappear. The single, most direct and efficient way to kill a mortgage is to pay more towards it regularly. Today though I want to look into how your loyalty to the banks could be costing you thousands of dollars a year, all while providing you no extra benefits.

Zero Arrogance, Maximum Discipline

The past few months have been quite the wild ride. I've purposely avoided discussing COVID-19 to ensure I can read widely and assess everything thoroughly before writing about it in depth here. So today I want to focus on the economics impacts of it and hopefully help you better understand what's happening and going to happen.

Make Sure Your Hobby Is On The Right Track

Most people's hobbies cost them money. They're something they "cut back on" when times get tough. When you're hobby is going out to dinner every week (or multiple times per week) it obviously has to be dialled back a lot if you're wanting to put as much money as possible into killing that mortgage. But there is another way...

Why Sticking To A Budget Doesn’t Matter

Sometimes we get a bit advanced here at Mutilate The Mortgage and while I think that's a good thing as so many regular news sites just repeat the same old low level garbage ad nauseam, today I'd like to focus on a pretty basic part of the whole finance subject. The budget.

Choosing The Right Solar Installer

Paying off a mortgage is a long chore to do and there's really only two ways you can make it go quicker, cut back on your expenses or increase the amount of money you make and save. So today we're going to talk about earning more with solar and specifically how to make sure you chose the right installer for the job.

New Year Sale Now On! 75% Off!!

Check out our huge New Years Sale with over 75% off ALL of our fantastic courses! Bring in the new year by giving yourself a huge advantage over everyone else. At the same time you can support this site and help us grow so that more people can learn to have a better, richer and happier future.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home

While we mostly focus on paying down mortgages on this site I thought it might be good to dig into potential mistakes that people make when selling a house. So buckle up and let's get into some of the biggest issues we've seen!

Shred Your Expenses While Having More Fun

Too often finance pieces drone on and on about "cutting back" or starting a budget when it comes to expenses but that advice clearly doesn't work. If it did, then everyone would be happily spending within their means and having tons of left over money to invest or kill their mortgage with. Instead lets save money and have fun!

How Long Will Low Interest Rates Last?

Whether or not the RBA decides to lower the cash rate this month, it won't change the fact that current mortgage interest rates are super low. For those that are old enough to remember a time before sub 3% home loan interest rates you might be asking yourself, how much longer is this all going to last??

The Frugal Way To Mutilate Your Mortgage

Frugality is about being frugal, thrifty or prudent in consuming resources such as time, money or even food. At it's heart it's about not necessarily spending zero money, but I think at least, getting great value for the time and money you put in. So how does being frugal to your home loan apply exactly?

The Best Way To Deal With Mortgage Stress

Worried about your mortgage payment? A lot of people are. Mortgage stress is one of the biggest concerns for families all over the world. But if this is something you deal with it doesn't have to be. Read on as we explain 3 simple and clear steps you can take to ease this almost never ending burden.

Why Home Loan Lending Rules Have Changed

Recently Home Loan lending rules have been in the news due to a number of various reasons. From the ASIC case against Wespac that got dismissed last August to the Royal Banking Commission it's been discussed a number of times. But what are lending rules for and why have they been changing?