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Shred Your Expenses While Having More Fun

Too often finance pieces drone on and on about "cutting back" or starting a budget when it comes to expenses but that advice clearly doesn't work. If it did, then everyone would be happily spending within their means and having tons of left over money to invest or kill their mortgage with. Instead lets save money and have fun!

How Long Will Low Interest Rates Last?

Whether or not the RBA decides to lower the cash rate this month, it won't change the fact that current mortgage interest rates are super low. For those that are old enough to remember a time before sub 3% home loan interest rates you might be asking yourself, how much longer is this all going to last??

The Frugal Way To Mutilate Your Mortgage

Frugality is about being frugal, thrifty or prudent in consuming resources such as time, money or even food. At it's heart it's about not necessarily spending zero money, but I think at least, getting great value for the time and money you put in. So how does being frugal to your home loan apply exactly?

The Best Way To Deal With Mortgage Stress

Worried about your mortgage payment? A lot of people are. Mortgage stress is one of the biggest concerns for families all over the world. But if this is something you deal with it doesn't have to be. Read on as we explain 3 simple and clear steps you can take to ease this almost never ending burden.

Why Home Loan Lending Rules Have Changed

Recently Home Loan lending rules have been in the news due to a number of various reasons. From the ASIC case against Wespac that got dismissed last August to the Royal Banking Commission it's been discussed a number of times. But what are lending rules for and why have they been changing?

Mortgage Advice That Should Be Obvious

While I've covered a number of in depth, more specific topics on this website over the years sometimes it's good to get back to basics. This can be good for new and old readers alike. Hopefully these are all pretty damn obvious to you but if not, really sit back and think about them as it could be a very big wall stopping you from attaining your goals and getting ahead in life.

How Climate Change Is Already Affecting Your Mortgage

Here in Australia, specific agencies such as the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO are tracking a big jump in the number of natural disasters throughout the land. This in turn raises a number of interesting flow on effects that have - and will continue to - affect all mortgage holders.

Check Your Clock, Check Your Interest Rate

While Mutilating The Mortgage is mostly focused on throwing huge chunks of your income at the mortgage consistently and automatically, today we're going to walk you through a very simple and quick thing you can do to hopefully give your ongoing efforts a nice boost: checking your mortgage interest rate is as good as it can be.

Mutilating Your Biggest Expense: The Car

Driving a car is dangerous and costs you a ton of money. So today we're going to look into some of the best ways Australians can seriously reduce their car expenses in order to then put more towards their mortgage repayments.

Top 5 Types Of Awesomeness Inflation

Many years ago I coined a fantastic term called Awesomeness Inflation. If you've never heard of it it's a great mentality to have throughout life to help your life, your bank account and of course, your mortgage.

Don’t Fall Into The Lower Price Trap

The recent housing slump has been the longest and deepest property downturn in modern history which is great! Just make sure you're careful to avoid two very common traps if you're looking to buy.

Beware Of Life, It Doesn’t Throw Soft Punches!

There are millions of couples out there currently working and coming home to their fantastic house every day here in Australia. While they may not be living in 50 bedroom mansions on their own private island, for many simply having a safe and secure home is a dream come true. Is yours in trouble though?

How Mortgage Insurance Works

Mortgage Insurance goes by many names around the world, from Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) to Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee (MIG) it is an insurance policy that protects the lender of the money (ie. not you!) in the event you default on the loan or stop paying.

Where To Start When Paying Off A Mortgage

When you're starting out on a new path it always helps to have a simple and solid step-by-step plan to follow. So if you've just made the plunge, find out the best things you can do to get moving in the right direction!

A Deep Dive Into How Mortgage Brokers Work

Mortgage Brokers are very common here in Australia and throughout the world. They help people that are looking for a loan to find the best one for their personal situation. At least that's what they should be doing anyway. Unfortunately life isn't always roses and fairy tales, especially where huge sums of money are involved so today we're going to dig deep into the world of Mortgage Brokers.

Top Reasons To Pay Off A Mortgage Early

Many people already know that paying off a mortgage early saves heaps of money. However there are many other very good reasons you may not be aware of. Today I want to go through a few of the most important ones to hopefully get you more motivated so you can pay down that debt as quickly as possible.

New Years Resolutions Are Garbage

Welcome to the New Year everyone! So do people still do that thing with the new years resolutions anymore? Or is it just something all the news outlets crap on about because they think it's still a thing? I want to get rich! I want to exercise more! I want to blah blah blah... rubbish.