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Loan Balance


We bought our first home ($370k) this year. We’re now on track to pay it off in 11 years with a single income and 3 kids


I’ve almost paid my $460k mortgage off within 10 years… it works!!


We paid our $450k mortgage off in 7 years and 1 month. We put our highest salary on the mortgage and lived off our smallest salary. Bye bye mortgage!


Investing In Property

I wasn’t always interested in investing but through my analysis of money it became apparent that it’s highly necessary. One...

How To Automate Everything

Look at this Inbox: That’s insane! Can you imagine if that was your desk and those emails were physically there...


Guest Post: How To Work For 10 Years And Retire Like A Boss

Welcome everyone to this weeks post! Today I’ve written up a piece that not only gives a bit more background...

How To Kick Ass When Robots Steal Your Job (Part 2)

So as promised last week in Part 1, today I want to talk about how to deal with the continued...

Robot vs Man

How To Kick Ass When Robots Steal Your Job (Part 1)

I read an interesting fact a few months ago: In 2012, Google, for example, generated a profit of nearly $14...

Giant Ass Home

FHB Tips: How To Get A Sparse Home And Its Benefits

Holy shit that is a huge house. You know, I found that image while searching for the phrase “house”. Not a “big ass...

Fun In The Sun

Guest Post: Simplifying Your Mortgage To Free Yourself In 7 Years

Very often when we read about financial advice it’s coming from “experts” who have the shinny degrees… and yet aren’t...

The Best Time

Why Today Is The Best Day Ever To Crush Your Mortgage

On the 7th of June something quite historic happened, the RBA cut the Australian Cash Rate to 1.75%, its lowest...

Loan Balance

Guest Post: What I Learned Paying Off My $400K Mortgage In 6.5 Years

If you’re looking for an extra mortgage killing fix today head on over to the Money Smart Guides website where they’ve just...

Model 3

What Everyone Misses About The Tesla Model 3

This is a mortgage debt reduction site but I couldn’t ignore the huge popularity my last post, Tesla Model 3 –...

How Much Will You Save With Solar?

How Solar And Your Small Home Make A Great Couple

This weeks post is dedicated to a guest post I’ve done over on the Little House In The Valley website. Focusing...

Automation: Why It’s Fundamental And How To Get It

You know I use a knife to fry my eggs instead of a spatula simply so I don’t have to wash...

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