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The Face Of Mutilate The Mortgage (About)

Starting off with over a decade of history in writing independent content, we have extensive experience in Telecommunications Engineering, Software Development, Optical Sciences, IT and Online Education. We don’t just have degrees from universities, we have real world industry experience in these fields.

What does that look like? Well as an example, for Online Education, we’ve taught hundreds of thousands of people for free. We’ve also helped 10,000+ paying customers across 180 countries learn how to do everything from paying down their debts to buying solar panels. Real experience, not just hot air.

Countries That Mutilate The Mortgage Has Taught In
10,000+ paying customers from every corner of the globe

Why We’re Here

Advice from the mainstream media on How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster is utter garbage and it’s not OK. Paying off your mortgage – especially in under 10 years – is a dream of millions of people world wide and almost every article you read on how to do it is completely useless.

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How is saving $300 going to help on a $300,000 mortgage? They’re all useless! None of them tell you – with step-by-step instructions – how to actually do it, let alone how to do it in under 10 years.

We believe that everyone should be able to pay their mortgage off in under 10 years. Yes, even the ones with kids. Yes, even the ones on a single income. We believe this because it enables you to significantly accelerate you life, give you more freedom and make your finances more secure and stable. It gives you the ability to choose what you want to do instead of always being in debt and a slave to your boss. We’re here to improve ourselves and all of humanity.

The Master Plan

Currently you’re probably stuck in a lame job, stressed, but earning some monies. You want to hit your milestones, to be more financially stable and secure but a lot of things like insane house prices, inflation and obviously your mortgage are holding you down.

Unlike most reporters that write trivial click bait pieces for their real estate or bank companies, we have actually paid off our $420,000 mortgage. In 6.5 years. Without any windfalls or huge CEO salaries. We’ve also helped thousands of others do the same too.


Cut my loan by almost half, and saves me more than $100K in interest payments! – Jacky


We paid off our $380K home loan in 3.5 years. Lots of hard work but it was worth it! – Huy


We paid our $450,000 mortgage off in 7 years and 1 month. Bye bye mortgage! – Jo


We bought for $370K. We’re on track to pay it off in 11 years with a single income and 3 kids – Tim

Hundreds of thousands have read our material to learn how to improve their life for the better. From learning How To Pay Off Their Mortgage Faster, to How To Buy A House

We’ve perfected the best methods for making sure that every cent possible goes towards getting that mortgage figure down. These methods are shared for free right here. Most are happy to get their mortgage out of the way in 15-20 years… we can teach you to do in under 10 years.

We believe in community, decentralisation, transparency, fairness and equality. We’ll help you kill that mortgage, to build generational wealth and fight Wealth Inequality making you safer and more financially stable in the future.

I know there are many choices in what you read out there, but most “experts” just copy/paste the news. They rarely take their own advice, live through the things they discuss or spend time to properly develop instructions and theories that are proven to work or even get results. We have.

Learn how to setup your mortgage, automate everything and then pay it off fast! No spam. No BS.