FHB Tips: Jenman Website

Today I’d like to recommend a specific site for all FHB’s to go and visit.


He has been in real estate for four decades and knows about as much as you can I’d imagine. Even better, he’s entire site is based around honesty and helping people. There are a lot of annoying ads and “buy this book!” things but there is also plenty of free, useful information to be had too. The specific section for FHB’s is obviously where the “Buyers” link up the top of the website is, but it’s also extremely good to read any and all of his posts as they outline all the different views that sellers, agents and so on have during the selling process. One particularly good article for this is the just published “The Lying Game“. Other good pages are “How Buyers Save Thousands” and “Dangers For First Home Buyers“.

So if you’re thinking about buying your first home (and you have NFI what the hell it is you’re doing like most) stop by this site and have a browse around, I’m sure you’ll find it an incredibly useful resource during the buying process.

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