About Mortgage Mutilator

How Much Should I Pay On My Mortgage?

The Mortgage Mutilator is an Engineer, Scientist, Author and extreme financial efficiency expert that has honed his skills towards destroying his large mortgage debt. Over the few years that he’s been living with a mortgage he’s spent many days and nights perfecting some of the best methods for tweaking and making sure that every cent possible goes towards getting that mortgage figure down. These methods are shared for free right here and he is also always happy to learn of new and unheard of ways to improve.

Hoping to help out others in a similar situation, Mortgage Mutilator is pioneering extremely high quality, hard pushing methods and efficient ways to kill that mortgage in sub 10 year time frames (usually under 7 years). Most are happy to get their mortgage out of the way in 15-20 years… not him. If all continues to go to plan, following his own advice MM should have killed his mortgage within 6 years.

You can connect with Mortgage Mutilator on Google+, Facebook or send him an email via theĀ Guest Posting page.