The Ultimate Guide To Buying A House

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Before we paid off our mortgage and before we even bought our house we actually bought an entirely different house. We signed the contract, put down the deposit and everything… subject to building inspection. That was an extremely good clause to have because when the inspection results came back we were quite shocked! The house … Read more

FHB Tips: Learn To Negotiate!


I’m all for destroying a good mortgage, devote all your resources to killing it and just you watch it burn… but I’d rather have a smaller mortgage to destroy to start off with. This is a kind of obvious fact to most people and so most want to buy that awesome house they’ve had their … Read more

FHB Tips: Jenman Website


Today I’d like to recommend a specific site for all FHB’s to go and visit. He has been in real estate for four decades and knows about as much as you can I’d imagine. Even better, he’s entire site is based around honesty and helping people. There are a lot of annoying ads and … Read more

FHB Tips: How Much Can I Borrow?


This category of posts (First Home Buyer Tips) is meant to help noobs mutilate their mortgage in one of the most powerful ways know, by not starting with a high mortgage in the first place! So you want to know how much you can borrow for your first home purchase huh? Well here’s a sneak peak: … Read more

How Much Is An Average Loan?

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Whenever I do a random ass calculation on here to prove a point, I’ll often use the following example: A $400,000 loan at 7% for 30 years. Reading around the Interwebz it seems that this is actually not what most financial people use when they do example calculations. Let’s say you took a principal … Read more