The Best Types Of Home Loans


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. There is no magical way for you to instantly Mutilate your Mortgage and have it disappear. The single, most direct and efficient way to kill a mortgage is to pay more towards it regularly. Today though I want to look into how your loyalty to the banks could be costing you thousands of dollars a year, all while providing you no extra benefits.

A Deep Dive Into How Mortgage Brokers Work

Deep Dive

Mortgage Brokers are very common here in Australia and throughout the world. They help people that are looking for a loan to find the best one for their personal situation. At least that’s what they should be doing anyway. Unfortunately life isn’t always roses and fairy tales, especially where huge sums of money are involved so today we’re going to dig deep into the world of Mortgage Brokers.

NAB Choice Package Review

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Few! It sure has been a while since you last heard from me huh? Even though I’m quite a lazy person I do try and write to a schedule but to be honest, it just isn’t fun writing if you don’t feel like writing and unfortunately I haven’t felt like it much lately. Not that … Read more